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  1. Where can I find networking events in London Where can I find networking events in or around central London

  2. John D Wood - Real-Estate in Kent London based real-estate letting

  3. Quotes & Jokes - Useful Sayings Two Some useful Phrases from great people from our yester-years

  4. Consulting Exhibition 2019 Anglo/French HR consultants could win award at the Great British Business Show exhibition.

  5. Funding Circle - C2B Lending Peer2Peer lender Funding Circle with best RoI. Created in 2010

  6. Should Have Hidden Online Photos Sooner How To Hide Bad Photos or Articles on The Web

  7. Peter Blue - Software Developer Business networker, Investor and software developer. Lives in Kent and London.

  8. Fitness for Grand parents Fitness for grandma, grandpa and anybody of advancing age.

  9. Quotations - Brilliant Sayings Some great Sayings from notable people throughout history

  10. The Tomorrow People The Tomorrow People - US Sci Fi TV series

  11. ZOPA - Peer2Peer Lender Zopa is a personal finance P2P lending organisation based in London, UK.

  12. Jokes - Laughs from around the Interwebz Jokes from around the world

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