Companies of Interest


  1. Helen Adams - Painter Freelance Textile Designer and Painter

  2. Quotations - Brilliant Sayings Some great Sayings from notable people throughout history

  3. John D Wood - Real-Estate in Kent London based real-estate letting

  4. Where can I find networking events in London Where can I find networking events in or around central London

  5. Should Have Hidden Online Photos Sooner How To Hide Bad Photos or Articles on The Web

  6. Peter Blue - Software Developer Business networker, Investor and software developer. Lives in Kent and London.

  7. ZOPA - Peer2Peer Lender Zopa is a personal finance P2P lending organisation based in London, UK.

  8. The Tomorrow People The Tomorrow People - US Sci Fi TV series

  9. Funding Circle - C2B Lending Peer2Peer lender Funding Circle with best RoI. Created in 2010

  10. Quotes & Jokes - Useful Sayings Two Some useful Phrases from great people from our yester-years

  11. Jokes - Laughs from around the Interwebz Jokes from around the world

  12. Link

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