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Susan had been applying for multiple jobs but knew it was a game of numbers. If she put out enough CVs she was bound to get that dream job ... or any half-decent job for that matter. After typing and printing about 50 she had had enough and decided to go into the sunshine, walk around the park for a while and finish with a coffee in one of the many restaurants in town.

The walk around the park passed without incident (with the possible exception of a young lad falling into the duck pond and getting scolded by his mother) and she wandered off toward her favourite coffee shop.

"Hey Susan !" shouted a women drinking a cocktail outside a pub. Susan looked and saw her slightly crazy friend Zoe.

"Hi Zoe !" she replied. "What yer doin ?"

"Oh just chilling out - come and join me " Zoe responded. Susan abandoned her coffee-seeking mission walked over to her friend. Zoe was a bit of a wild-card and was the sort of woman you always invited to parties. They chatted for a while swapping news and gossip.

"Wanna come to a great party tonight ?" asked Zoe.

"No, I've got another 150 CVs and cover letters to write and then post." said Susan.

"Oh come on, don't be so boring. The CVs can wait for a bit - can't they ?" asked Zoe who already knew the answer to her question.

"OK. I have been working hard so need to unwind for a bit. Where and when ?" said Susan who kinda knew how the evening would progress.

The two women attended the party, got blind drunk and took photos of each other sprawled in the gutter showing their knickers and foolishly posted them on Facebook. Susan woke the next morning, remembered the party but forgot about the photos. She finally got an interview and went to the main office near by full of hope.

"I'm sorry Susan, we don't employ anyone with your kind of behaviour in this company, our clients are very sensitive about the quality of our employees." said the HR officer showing the Facebook photos to Susan. Her heart sank.

Susan thanked the man for his time and left. It would have been her dream job, but the offending photos were online for all to see. Susan wondered if there were any organisations that could help her in time for her next job interview.

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